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A CAMPAIGN FOR RESPONSIBLE USE OF PESTICIDES IN NATURE called "Čujte i ne trujte! Orao pao" ("Attention, stop poisoning! The eagle has fallen")

WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature has launched a campaign for responsible use of pesticides in nature called "Čujte i ne trujte! Orao pao." ("Attention, stop poisoning! The eagle has fallen"). The campaign will be implemented with the support of the Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of the Vojvodina Province, and in cooperation with the Institute for Nature Conservation of the Vojvodina Province, Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, the Society for the Study and Protection of Birds in Serbia and PE "Vojvodinašume".

The reason for this initiative are frequent poisonings of strictly protected animals, as a result of pesticide misuse. The victims are not just "unwanted" animals, but also rare and endangered species such as the white-tailed eagle, and domestic animals.

The consequences of poisoning have become particularly dramatic for the populations of some rare bird species. Monitoring results of the WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature in 2014 at the area of the Special Nature Reserve "Upper Danube" show 22 breeding pairs of a strictly protected white-tailed eagle. On the same year, in the vicinity of this protected area 11 birds were found dead. Eight birds died of poisoning by pesticide containing carbofuran. This is a very powerful substance that can poison and kill all the animals, and humans too!

In order to raise public awareness about the responsible use of pesticides, a promotional material has been issued, which is accompanied by the public discussions to be organized in the areas with the mass recorded poisoning. We have also designed an interactive biology class for elementary school students, which would be dedicated to the protection of white-tailed eagle.

Within the campaign "Attention, stop poisoning! The eagle has fallen" the phone for reporting the cases of wildlife death has been put to use.

All cases of death you should report calling the telephone number: +381 63 153 83 85, after which the information will be referred to the services in charge.

All materials are available on the following link

More information is available on the Internet pages:

About white-tailed eagle:

White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) is the largest bird of prey in the Danube basin. It is at the very top of the food chain, so its habitat must be in good condition to offer a large amount of safe food, in order to sustain the growth of this species population. On the whole territory of Serbia, there are about 120 breeding pairs of the white-tailed eagle. Only continuous active protection measures may ensure its survival in the complex relations of natural habitats. These measures, according to all the action plans to protect white-tailed eagle, imply primarily to the prevention of poisoning.




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