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A Study visit to "Veliko ratno ostrvo" of 90 representatives of the ocal communities from Germany and South East Europe

Expert associates of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, ornithologist Miloš Radaković, herpetologist Rastko Ajtić and andragogist Nataša Panić conducted a study visit to the Landscape of exceptional quality "Veliko ratno ostrvo" on November 30th, 2018. The visit was arranged for 90 visitors from Germany and South-East Europe, who were the participants of the final conference called "Partnerships for the Sustainable Development of Local Communities". The conference was organized by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), and hosted by the Zemun Municipality.

At the conference where a public manifestation of the promotion of sustainable development goals was presented, the representatives of the Institute were professional guides through an ecological walking tour of the "Veliko ratno ostrvo". On this occasion, they presented the importance of this protected area, which is conserved natural spot in the city center, where a number of birds live, many of which are endangered species, as well as amphibians and reptiles, mammals and fish for which this area is a significant spawning site.

Tanja Kukobat, a representative of the Zemun Municipality talked to the participants of the study visit about the issue of invasive species on Veliko ratno ostrvo.

On this occasion the representatives of European local communities were most interested in the way and possibilities of organizing visits and presenting natural values of Veliko ratno ostrvo to interested visitors. After the visit to Veliko ratno ostrvo, guests were introduced to the old city center of Zemun and the building of the Zemun Municipality, where a cultural and artistic program was arranged for them.

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