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High school students from Zrenjanin visiting the Institute

Students from the Zrenjanin High school, as part of the course within the subject Education for Sustainable Development, visited Belgrade in the middle of May. The aim of the visit was to learn about the scope of work of various institutions in the field of environmental education. On this occasion they visited the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, Faculty of Chemistry, Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden "Jevremovac".

During their visit to the Institute, the system of nature conservation and the natural values of our country were presented by Nenad Sekulić, Head of the Department of Biodiversity and Ecological Networks, who lead them through the Institute’s exhibition setting entitle "Nature Conservation in Serbia".

The Institute provided a set of publications for the students, their teachers and school library, which included a monograph "Protected Areas in Serbia" and posters "Fish of Serbia", "Plants of international importance in Serbia", "Turtles and reptiles of Serbia" and "Woody species in Serbia".

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