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On Serbian Nature at the Nisville Jazz Festival

As part of the festival Green Zone, the children walked the Wildlife Trail with guidance of the Institute’s experts. The trail included exhibits of rare species such as brown bear, dragonfly, European sturgeon, wild orchid, marsh helleborine, capercaillie, owl and Pancic’s grasshopper, whereby children were taught about the importance of protecting and preserving the natural world. After passing the trail, the youngest visitors to the Nishville, who could list at least three species that they recognized on the trail, were given suitable gifts: pencils - "Plant it to surprise", which had plant seeds at the top, and if planted, could grow into certain herbs. The children were also given puzzles with images of rare species, instructional sheets and mini-keys for identifying species in nature, eco-ABC book and Institute posters depicting tree species, turtles and lizards, fish, dragonflies and orthopterans that can be found in Serbia.

Visitors interested in learning more about the nature of Serbia could have won one of the Institute's valuable editions by participating in the prize game "Wheel of Fortune: How Much I Know about Nature of Serbia". In addition to luck, the participants had to show knowledge of Serbia's natural heritage, since depending on which field the wheel of fortune fits, the participants were given a question, and if they answered correctly, they would also receive the prize provided for that field. Prizes included the following editions, such as monographs: Protected Areas of Serbia, one of the six published Red Books, Protected Oaks of Serbia, Nature Park "Šargan-Mokra Gora", Griffon Vulture, Biodiversity of Serbia and handbooks Birds of Pirot, Longhorn beetles of Serbia, Flora Guide of Stara Planina, Vlasina Butterflies, as well as brochures National Parks of Serbia and the Golija-Studenica Biosphere Reserve.

During the festival, the main prize was also drawn, a 5-day stay at the Tara National Park, at the educational-research center of the Institute - "Tara Center". The winners of the stay at the Tara National Park were presented the award by the Director of the Institute, Mr Aleksandar Dragišić.

In order to depict the landscapes of Serbia, on this occasion and within the GREEN zone, the Institute also organized a Green Cinema, and screened video clips and short documentaries with scenes from our most beautiful protected areas, some of which are: Uvac, Peštersko polje, Jadovnik, The Mileševka River Gorge, Sopotnica Waterfalls, Rtanj, Vinatovača, Stara Planina, Djerdap, Tara, Jerma, Sićevačka and Jelašnička Gorges, Resavska and Risovača Caves.

The program of the festival Green Zone was implemented by the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia in cooperation with the managers of protected areas: Outstanding Natural Landscapes "Vlasina" and "Lepterija Sokograd", Monuments of Nature "Resavska Cave", "Lisine Waterfall", "Cerjanska Cave" and "Risovača Cave", Special Nature Reserves "Uvac", "Jerma", "Suva planina" and "Jelašnica Gorge", and our largest natural resource "Stara Planina" Nature Park.

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