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Adventure Festival in Jerma River Canyon

The Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia has supported and actively participated in the implementation of a unique festival program in our country that promotes eco-tourism through opportunities of participation in various activities of getting to know nature. "Adventure Outdoor Festival Jerma", organized by the Association "Adventurist Network" from Pirot, was held for the second time in the period August 14 to 18th, 2019 in the Special Nature Reserve "Jerma".

During the festival, 100 adventurers from Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia gathered to explore the natural and cultural values of the Jerma River Canyon. The second festival was also marked by a large number of children who, with their parents, participated in activities and stayed in nature.

The program of the festival included more than 20 different outdoor, cultural and environmental programs in the very canyon of the river Jerma, on the mountains Vlaška, Greben and Ruj. Mountaineering, mountain running, climbing, mountain biking, entering the unregulated cave of Vetrena dupka, yoga, walking on a balancing lane, ecological workshops, a bird ring camp, making bird houses, exploring wildlife in SNR Jerma were just some of the adventures.

In order to present to the participants the values of protected area, the Institute's ornithologist Ivan Medenica gave a presentation on the Jerma Special Nature Reserve on the first day of the camp at the Elementary school in the village of Trnski Odrovci, and throughout the camp he actively led the bird ringing and birdhouse program, introducing the participants with the richness and significance of the bird world in the canyon.

The Institute made a special contribution to the realization of ecological workshops that were free for all visitors to Jerma on Saturday, August 17th. By the Jerma River in the village of Vlasi, the Institute has implemented three eco-educational workshops. The youngest participants of the camp had the opportunity to pass the "Knowledge Trail: the World of Nature" and learn about rare and endangered species in Serbia, while their parents could receive as a prize some of the valuable publications of the Institute on natural heritage of Serbia by participating in the game The Wheel of Fortune: How Much I Know about Nature of Serbia, and by giving the correct answer to the question about natural resources.

The festival was also an opportunity for networking and exchange of experiences among professional organizations and institutions engaged in activities in nature, tourism and ecology.

The festival was initiated and organized with the aim of promoting and developing adventuristic activities and eco-activities in the canyon of the River Jerma, as well as to involve and increase the number of families and individuals in nature activities.

The video about the festival aired in RTS 1 can be downloaded here.

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