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The promotion of medieval heritage in Serbia

At the invitation of the PE "Resavska Cave", the Institute, as a guest of the Despotovac municipality, participated on August 24th at the International Despot Knight Stefan Lazarević "Just Out" Festival, which was held in the period August 23 to 25 at the Manasija Monastery near Despotovac.

In order to mark six centuries since despot Stefan Lazarević built one of the most beautiful medieval buildings, the festival has once again brought together knights from more than twenty countries. "White Eagles", knights from Serbia, hosted knights teams from more than twenty countries: France, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Republic of Srpska, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Armenia, Sudan, Japan and Iran, who with their knightly equipment, clothing, weapons and skills demonstrated the medieval struggle, as well as the way of life in the knightly village that was built under the walls of Manasija Monastery and along the left bank of the Resava River.

A special place at the festival had programs for the youngest, for which a shooting workshop was organized within the children's village for training in the basics of this sport, as well as photographing and many other surprises in the spirit of the time of princes and princesses.

The Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia has for the first time participated at the festival "Just Out" - Manasija in order to present our natural heritage at this unique tourist and sporting event that affirms traditional values. Numerous participants and visitors from our country and abroad, interested in discovering tradition and history, had the opportunity to find out about the natural treasure of Serbia at the Despotovac info desk in the conversation with expert associates of the Institute, as well as to receive brochures and posters about the nature of Serbia.

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