Institute for nature
conservation of Serbia


The Ministry of Agriculture and
Environmental Protection

Institute`s activities

Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia was founded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia in order to carry out activities on protection and improvement of nature in Serbia. The scope of the Institute`s work is determined by the Law on Nature Protection (" Official Gazette of RS ", No . 36/2009 and 88 /2010), the Decision on the Establishment of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia ( " Official Gazette of RS " No. 18/2010) and the Statute of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia ( " Official Gazette of RS " 73/2010 ).

Protection and improvement of nature in Serbia is carried out at the Institute by performing the following activities:

» The initiation of the procedure on protection, that is, conducting field research and drafting the studies on protection as technical basis for the protection of the area, which includes data collection and processing, determining the boundaries of the area proposed for protection, valuing and proposing protective measures, protection regime and category of the prospective protected natural area;

» Research and work on the conservation of biodiversity and geodiversity as a basis for the conservation and improved status of endangered and rare plant and animal species and geological heritage sites;

» Expert supervision which includes monitoring of the state of protected area and taking measures for its active and passive protection, the provision of professional assistance and cooperation with stake holders;

» Issuing the requirements for work in protected areas and determining the conditions of nature protection in the process of preparation of project documentation, spatial and urban plans, different bases ( forestry, hunting, fishing, water management, etc. ), programs and strategies in all activities affecting nature;

» Publishing scientific and professional papers in the field of geodiversity and biodiversity, monographs, brochures, manuals and other information materials on nature protection, protected areas and plant and animal species, production of printed, audio and video materials on natural values ​​of Serbia;

» Education, presentations and communication in order to present a wealth of natural heritage ​​in Serbia to general public, raising public awareness of the necessity and importance of nature conservation and methodological assistance in education in the field of environmental protection;

» International cooperation through networking and exchange of data and experience with various institutions in the world dealing with the protection of environment and nature, participation in international organizations, involvement in the implementation of international conventions in the field of nature protection and participation in the implementation of certain international programs and projects.

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