Institute for nature
conservation of Serbia


The Ministry of Agriculture and
Environmental Protection

Organized visits to the Institute

Organized visits to the Institute`s headquarters in Belgrade are the opportunity for students and other interested groups to get to know the values, characteristics and activities conducted to protect and preserve our natural heritage.

Organized visits include the Institute`s exhibition "The Protection of Serbian Nature ", which presents:

» The types of ecosystems in our country;

» Types of protected areas;

» Some of the major threats to flora and fauna;

» Activities to protect biodiversity, with examples of rare and endangered plant and animal species;

» Activities to protect geodiversity and representative samples of mineral rocks and paleontological findings;

» National parks of Serbia (Fruška Gora, Đerdap, Tara, Kopaonik and Šar planina);

» Documentaries on nature conservation produced by the Institute: Imperial eagle, Stara planina, Čudna šuma - Šalinački lug and A bird and a man.;

» Thematic presentations and workshops.

The group visits to the Institute should be previously notified, so we could meet your educational needs and interests by creating a specific program, which in addition to professional guidance through the exhibition, may also include the documentary screening and the appropriate eco - educational program.

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