Institute for nature
conservation of Serbia


The Ministry of Agriculture and
Environmental Protection

Programs for the interested public

Programs for University students

Thematic lectures, presentations and workshops on nature protection at the premises of the Institute or faculty and a thematic participation of Institute’s associates in the student research eco - camps.

Programs for managers of protected natural areas and the scientific community

The Institute provides a professional support to managers in the implementation of training programs intended for employees at the departments for protection and promotion of the natural area, regarding the implementation of protective measures, monitoring, participation in programs of ecological networks and networks of protected natural areas and habitats at the international level (IBA, IPA, PBA, Emerald, Natura 2000 etc.), organized work with visitors, involvement of local people and communities in the activities on protection.

Programs for the representatives of municipalities and the local population

There are thematic meetings and programs for the representatives of local self-governments and residents of the municipalities where the natural area is situated are a part of presenting the future protection of the environment in which people live, and of the procedure of public hearings on the protection status of a natural area.

The program on informing the public about the importance of the European Landscape Convention is specially designed for the representatives of local self-governments. The Institute, as a partner in the implementation of this program led by the Ministry, participates in thematic discussions and round tables implemented in the municipal centers across Serbia.

Programs for the institutions taking care of animals

Staff training program at "Veterina Beograd doo" is intended for technicians responsible for capturing and taking back the native species of snakes to their natural habitat. The duration of the program is one month (2 hours, 2 times a week). A manual for identification of native species and their proper treatment in the field is provided for the participants.

Programs for the tourism sector

Since the natural resources are being recognized as a tourist destination, educational programs for tourism workers in the protected natural areas are aimed at harmonizing staff activities with the needs of sustainable development of the area and at directing them to the programs of eco-tourism.

Support to educational programs of the NGO sector

In order to strengthen partnership with NGOs that have an environmental orientation, the Institute provides appropriate educational materials and professional participation and consultation, thus supporting a variety of educational programs aimed at raising awareness about the need to protect the environment and nature, NGOs and other organizations.

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