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Request for the document on requirements and conditions regarding nature conservation

According to the Law on Nature Conservation (“Official Gazette f RS”, no. 36/2009 and 88/2010) documents on requirements and conditions are issued by the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, based on the submitted request regarding the process of drafting plans, bases, programs, projects, works and activities in mining, energetics, transport, waterpower engineering, agriculture, forestry, hunting, fishing, tourism and other fields affecting nature.

The official document on conditions in form of a Decision must be obtained when drafting the project-technical and spatial planning documents, basis and managing programs and using natural resources, that is when the project managers (legal entity or individuals) use natural resources, perform constructing and other jobs, activities and interventions in nature. The request submitted may only refer to one plan, basis, program, project, work or activity.

The request for issuing the Decision on the conditions of nature conservation must include:

» The exact name of the legal entity submitting the request, its address and tax identification number or name, surname, address and identification number if the request is submitted by an individual;
» Information on the type of works and the holder of the document, or investor;
» Information on the location with adequate cartographic and graphic appendices, whereas for projects, a copy of cadastre plan is required;
» Brief description of the objectives, intended activities and main results expected, whereas for projects, a preliminary design is required

For a detailed geological survey, a project should be submitted in digital form, on the CD or DVD.

The document on requirements and conditions regarding nature conservation is issued by the Institute in the form of a Decision. According to the aforementioned law, the issuance of the Decision is charged. The charge is determined according to the Rulebook on the amount and method of charge calculation for the issuance of the act on the conditions and requirements regarding nature protection (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 73/2011).

How to submit the request:

The address to submit the request for the Decision on requirements and conditions regarding nature conservation together with a proof of tax payment in the amount of 840.00 RSD, is the Headquarters of the Institute, Dr Ivana Ribara 91, 11070 Belgrade or Unit in Niš, Vožda Karađorđa 14, Niš. The other way to submit the request is by registered mail or by personal delivery at the premises of the Institute. The Institute will review the request and issue the Decision, informing the applicant on the issuance of the Decision and sending the receipt on issuance charges. Once the applicant has provided the proof of payment, the Institute will send the Decision to the address stated in the request.

According to the Law on Republic Administrative Fees (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 43/2003, 51/2003, 61/2005, 5/2009, 54/2009, 93/2012, 57/2014 and 45/2015) requests without administrative fee paid will not be taken into consideration.

The fees defined according to the Law on Republic Administrative Fees:

» The request for the Decision on requirements and conditions regarding nature conservation fee is 310.00 RSD.
» The issuance of the Decision fee is 530.00 RSD,

The total amount of 840.00 RSD may be summed up in one slip and thus paid.

Payment of the administrative fee shall be transfered through payment slips to the current account of the Budget, and should include the following data:

Purpose of payment: Republic Administrative Fee (Republička administrativna taksa)
Recipient: Budget of the Republic of Serbia (Budžet Republike Srbije)
Account No: 840-742221843-57, model 97, reference number 59 013

If you make a cash payment, the payment code is 153, and if the payment is completed by transfer order, payment code is 253.

» The name of the legal entity or name and surname (for individuals) on the payment slip must comply with the name stated in the request.

Example slip:

Pursuant to Article 18 of the Law on Republic Administrative Fees ("Official Gazette of RS", no. 43/2003, 51/2003, 61/2005, 5/ 2009, 54/2009, 93/2012, 47/2013 and 45/2015) the following entities are exempt from fee charges:

1) Administrations, organizations and institutions of the Republic of Serbia;
2) Administrations and organizations of Autonomous province or local self-government;
3) Compulsory social insurance organizations;
4) The institutions established by the Republic of Serbia, Autonomous province or local self-governments;
4a) Churches and religious communities registered in accordance with the Law on Churches and Religious Communities;
5) Red Cross of Serbia;
6) Diplomatic or consular missions of a foreign country subject to reciprocity.

In case of not commencing the works and activities to which the Decision pertains within two years of receiving the Decision on requirements and conditions regarding nature conservation, the applicant is obliged to obtain the new Decision.

One can appeal against the Institute’s Decision to the Ministry in charge of environment protection within 15 days of the Decision receipt. The complaint is to be submitted to the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, with the proof of payment of the Republic Administrative fee in the amount of 470.00 RSD to the current account no. 840-742221843-57, reference number 59013, model 97.








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