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The field of nature protection is regulated by the Law on Nature Conservation and other legal and sub-legal acts directly or indirectly related to nature and natural resources. Besides law implementation and the great importance of passing the Law on Nature Conservation ( "Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia " No. 36/ 09, 88/2010 and 14/2016) which regulates the protection and conservation of nature, biological, geological and landscape diversity, the passing of numerous sub-legal acts was also of great importance for regulating this field. The harmonization of legal acts in the field of environmental and nature protection with the acts of the European Union, which is still in progress, enabled implementation of European and international standards in the field of environmental and nature protection. The implementation of rules and principles of the international conventions to which our country is a signatory contributed to the improvement and harmonization of environmental protection.

Nacionalna strategija održivog razvoja

("Službeni glasnik RS", br. 57/2008 od 3.6.2008. godine);

» National Strategy for Sustainable Development,
("Official Gazette of RS", no. 57/2008 from 3.6.2008);

Nacionalna strategija održivog korišćenja prirodnih resursa i dobara

("Službeni glasnik RS" br. 33/2012);

» National Strategy for Sustainable Use of Natural Goods and Resources,
("Official Gazette of RS" no. 33/2012);

Strategija biološke raznovrsnosti Republike Srbije za period od 2011. do 2018. godine

(„Službeni glasnik RS“ br. 13/2011);

» Biodiversity Strategy of the Republic of Serbia for the period 2011- 2018,
("Official Gazette of RS" no. 13/2011);

Nacionalna strategija za aproksimaciju u oblasti životne sredine za Republiku Srbiju

(Službeni glasnik RS 80/2011);

» National Strategy for Approximation of Environment of the Republic of Serbia,
(“Official Gazette of RS” 80 /2011);

Nacionalni program zaštite životne sredine

("Službeni glasnik RS" br. 12/2010);

» National Program of Environmental Protection,
("Official Gazette of RS" no. 12/2010);

Strategija upravljanja mineralnim resursima Republike Srbije do 2030. godine.

» Strategy of Mineral Resources Management in the Republic of Serbia till 2030.

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