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Activities of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia on biodiversity conservation

Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia is engaged in the prevention of biodiversity loss in Serbia, primarily within its main activities on nature conservation.

According to Institute`s activities on nature conservation and within the scope of work of the Department of Biodiversity, the following planned activities on biodiversity protection are being implemented and include:

»  Multidisciplinary, intensive study of biodiversity in Serbia

»  Drafting the studies on protection as the basis for legal protection of natural resources and areas important for the protection of protected and strictly protected species of Serbia ("Bagremara" as the only habitat of species Eranthis hyemalis; "Venerina padina" in Zvonačka banja (spa), the only habitat of species Adianthum capillus - veneris)

»  Participation in the projects on developing the ecological network of protected areas of international importance, such as Emerald ecological network or NATURA 2000

»  Issuing official documents on requirements or opinions regarding activities directly or indirectly affecting the state of populations and their habitats

»  Participation in drafting laws and sub-legal acts

»  Determining the amounts of species listed in the Decree on Control of use and trade in wild flora and fauna, identifying the place, time, the way of use and licensing in accordance with the Decree

»  Activities on implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES Convention)

»  Educational and promotional activities in order to develop public awareness of the importance and the necessity to conserve biodiversity (publishing professional, popular and documentary publications, organizing educational training programs and promotional events, exhibition and museum settings, etc.)

»  Preparing proposals and studies on protection of internationally important areas, regarding biodiversity conservation, as well as participation in other similar projects

»  Implementation of projects of both active and passive protection of species and ecosystem diversity, and other activities

In addition to this, the Institute develops long-term project activities on the conservation of certain species, such as:

»  Reintroduction of yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea) to the natural habitat on Stara planina mountain

»  The protection of Venus hair fern (Adianthum capillus veneris) on Venerina padina in Zvonačka banja

»  Raising the aquaculture of Danube salmon (Hucho Hucho) in order to enable long-term stability and survival of its populations, as well as their sustainable use

»  Monitoring of the population and taking measures to protect the only known nesting site of little tern - Sterna albifrons at the mouth of Drina river

»  Action plan on the protection of vultures and other necrophagous birds in Serbia

»  Monitoring of chamois (Rupicapra Rupicapra L.1758) populations in Serbia and their reintroduction / introduction

»  Work regarding the list of invasive and potentially invasive species, the development of database, and other activities to prevent destruction of protected and strictly protected habitats

»  The habitats of wild peony

»  Zoological inventory, valuation and proposals on protection of saline soils of south and southeast Serbia

»  Biospeleological research in Serbia

»  Valuation of natural resources of Velika Morava river valley, specifically regarding biodiversity conservation of wetlands and the establishment of ecological corridors, etc.

As part of these activities, the Institute cooperates with the ministries, veterinary, inspection services, the shelter for wildlife in Zoo Palić in order to take care of protected and strictly protected wild animals, as well as with other scientific and professional institutions, NGOs, individuals, etc.

The following projects on protection and conservation of biodiversity were implemented with the support and cooperation of international organizations:

»  Emerald Network in Serbia

Emerald Network is a European ecological network for the conservation of wild flora and fauna and their natural habitats. The project of establishing an ecological network "Emerald" in Serbia was carried out in three phases, supported by the Council of Europe and the European Environmental Agency. Within the project, 61 potential Emerald site on the territory of the Republic of Serbia (1019269.31 ha, 11.54 % of Serbian territory) were identified.

»  Protection of biodiversity of Sava River flood plain

This project was launched with the aim of encouraging the Sava basin countries to identify, define and manage biological and landscape diversity along Sava river, as well as to support the implementation of EU Birds and Habitats Directives. Among other results, a database on biodiversity and land use in the area was created.

Project Coordinator is World Conservation Union, Programme Office for South-East Europe – IUCN SEE, whereas Partner institutions are: Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, State Institute for Nature Protection of Croatia, Centre for Ecology and Natural Resources of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Sarajevo and the Agricultural Institute of the Republic of Srpska. Additional support is provided by the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation.

The project is funded by the European Commission through the program LIFE - Third Countries and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

»  Development of the Carpathian Ecological Network

Within this project, the information system on biodiversity of Carpathians and the proposal on the formation of Carpathian ecological network in Serbia, with consideration of its prospects, were made. "The development of the Carpathian ecological network was implemented in partnership with the organizations from Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Serbia, with funds from the BBI Matra program of the Government of Netherlands.

»  Development of the ecological network along Sava river

The project identified important habitats and the formation of ecological network in accordance with Natura 2000, and based on collected and processed general information on biodiversity, a digital GIS database was developed.

»  Integrated cross-border management plan for Sava river basin

Organized by the International Agricultural Centre - Vageningen and organization Altera, both from the Netherlands, the project was implemented in order to collect the data available in the field of hydrogeology, geography, as well as data pertaining to flora and fauna in the area of Sava river basin.

»  Eco-development in rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

The project includes the protection and development of vulture populations as strictly protected species in Serbia and a key factor for regional eco-development in western Serbia, as part of achieving the main objective - to contribute to the socio - economic restoration of rural areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia by ecotourism development. The project was implemented in cooperation with the Foundation for the Protection of Black Vulture (BVCF) and supported by the Agency for International Cooperation of the Kingdom of Spain, the Fund for Cooperation of Mallorca, Balearic European Center, the Ministry of Economy of Balearic Islands and the Frankfurt Zoological Society.

Bulletin of the project "Under the eagle’s sky" (Pod orlovim nebom), no.1, 2, 3 and 4

»  Biodiversity of Sićevačka and Jelašnička Gorge

The project "Improvement of the management and control of hydro resources and environmental resources of the city of Niš", which is related to the determination of the state and addressing key environmental issues on the territory of Niš, regarding waste, water, forests and biodiversity, enabled research and valuation of the biological diversity of protected natural areas in the vicinity of Niš – Nature Park Sićevačka gorge and Nature Monument Jelašnička gorge, implemented with the support of Italian NGO Cooperazione Internazionale - COOPI. Based on the Memorandum of Understanding with COOPI, the associates of the Institute completed a research on biodiversity, cultural and historical heritage of Sićevačka and Jelašnička gorges, worked with the local community, conducted educational program on the importance of natural resources conservation, participated in the activities to popularize the importance of gorges’ biodiversity conservation, as well as in recording videos, documentary movies and organized cleaning of Jelašnička gorge. Additionally, presentations and information on the results of the project, regarding biodiversity and protection of the area, were organized in cooperation with the COOPI.

A Photo monograph of Sićevačka and Jelašnička Gorges

»  Improvement of habitat protection and promotion of the great bustard protection

Activities in the area of Special Nature Reserve "Pastures of Great Bustard", in order to protect the population of great bustard (Otis tarda) in Serbia, were carried out in coordination with Hunting Association "Perjanica" as the manager, and with the support of Austrian “Pannonian Foundation for the Protection and Study of the Great Bustard”.

»  Integration of local communities and nature conservation into the European Green Belt

On the example of Special Nature Reserve Gornje Podunavlje (Upper Danube), the main objectives of the project were achieved: the application of international standards in the field of nature conservation and management of protected areas through cross-border exchange of experience, study tours, workshops, etc., the involvemen








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