Protected wild species

Appendix II to the Rulebook on the proclamation and protection of strictly protected and protected wild species of plants, animals and fungi lists protected wild species that are not currently endangered in nature to the extent that they are threatened with extinction or critical endangerment. These are vulnerable, endemic, indicator, key and umbrella species, relict, internationally important and protected wild species, as well as species that are not endangered but due to their appearance may easily be mistaken for strictly protected species. Among these species are wild species of economic importance that may be collected on the basis of a license (permit) issued by the ministry responsible for the environment, which could be endangered by the uncontrolled exploitation or destruction of their habitats.

A total of 860 wild plant, animal and fungal species are protected species, of which 253 are animal species (30 mammal species, 35 bird species, 2 reptile species, 3 amphibian species, 29 fish species and 154 invertebrate species), 37 fungal species and lichens and 570 species of plants.