Request for the official Opinion pertaining to nature conservation

Upon issuing the Decision on requirements and conditions pertaining to nature conservation in case of the process of drafting the project-technical, spatial planning and similar documents, the official opinion may be issued by the Institute, which is in accordance with the Article 9, Paragraph 10 of the Law on Nature Conservation. This opinion states the extent of incorporation and compliance of plans, basic plans, programs, projects, works and activities with the issued Decision.

In addition, the Institute issues the Opinion on the location where the work and activities are being conducted, as well as on other activities stipulated by the Law on Nature Conservation and other relevant legislation, which require Institute’s Opinion.

The request for issuing the Opinion must include:

• The exact name of the legal entity submitting the request, its address, e-mail, phone number and tax identification number or name, surname, address, e-mail, phone number (mobile) and identification number if the request is submitted by an individual.
• If there is a request for the Opinion on the incorporation of requirements for the protection of nature in the documents, the documents such as plans, programs and projects must also be submitted.
• Information on the location with adequate cartographic and graphic appendices, whereas for projects, a copy of cadastre plan is required.
• A brief description of the activities or purpose of a request for the Opinion.

The issued Opinion shall not have the form of an administrative act.
The Republic Administrative Fee must be paid for issuing the Opinion.

How to submit the request:

The way to submit the request is by registered mail or by personal delivery at the premises of the Institute’s Headquarters, address: Dr Ivana Ribara 91, 11070 Belgrade or at the Office in Niš, address: Vožda Karađorđa 14, Niš.
The request should also contain a proof of the Republic administrative fee payment in the amount of 310.00 RSD.
Within the time limit prescribed by the Law, the Institute issues an official opinion, which it sends to the applicant's address by certified mail with the proof of delivery.
According to the Law on Republic Administrative Fees (“Official Gazette of RS”, no. 43/2003, 51/2003, 61/2005, 5/2009, 54/2009, 50/2011, 93/2012, 65/2013-another law, 83/2015, 112/2015, 113/2017, 3/2018, 50/2018 and 95/2018), which determines the Republic administrative fee, requests without administrative fee paid will not be taken into consideration.

Payment of the administrative fee shall be transferred through payment slips to the current account of the Budget, and should include the following data:
Purpose of payment: Republic Administrative Fee (Republička administrativna taksa)
Recipient: Budget of the Republic of Serbia (Budžet Republike Srbije)
Account No: 840-742221843-57, model 97, reference number 59 013
The request for the Opinion fee is 310.00 RSD.

Example slip

If you make a cash payment, the payment code is 153, and if the payment is completed by transfer order, payment code is 253.

Note: The name of the legal entity or name and surname (for individuals) on the payment slip must comply with the name stated in the request.