Strictly protected wild species

The Rulebook on the proclamation and protection of strictly protected and protected wild species of plants, animals and fungi includes 2633 wild species. With the aim of conserving biodiversity and natural gene pool, that is, species of special importance for the Republic of Serbia from ecological, ecosystem, biogeographical, scientific, health, economic and other aspects, the Rulebook also defines measures for the protection of strictly protected and protected species and their habitats. Strictly protected and protected wild species, collectively referred to as protected species, are determined on the basis of national and international Red lists or Red books, the ratified international treaties, expert findings and/or scientific knowledge

Appendix I to this Rulebook lists strictly protected wild species of plants, animals and fungi. These are the species that are extinct from the territory of the Republic of Serbia, species returned to the habitats by means of reintroduction programs, critically endangered, endangered, relict, locally endemic, stenoendemic and internationally important and protected wild species.

The number of strictly protected wild species is 1783, of which as many as 1042 are animal species, with the most numerous invertebrates. Among the strictly protected species are 50 species of mammals, 307 species of birds, 18 species of amphibians and 18 species of reptiles, 38 species of fish and 610 invertebrates. In addition, 75 species of fungi and lichens, 641 plant species (moss, ferns and seed plants) and 25 algae species are strictly protected.