Library of the Institute consists of professional, scientific and popular publications, photographs, videos and other materials, which include over 5000 books, 12800 journals, 1143 Institute`s Studies on protection, 998 other institution’s elaborated studies, over 20000 photographs, numerous videos and other documentary material. Valuable part of the library fund is a legacy of Nikola K. Pantić, a member of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, which contains 800 books and 1100 published papers, mainly on geology, as well as a part of the academician`s personal archive. The library contains publications in all major world languages, and some of these publications are valuable in terms of world’s history of science.

Pursuant to the Institute’s scope of work and the regulations, the Institute`s documentation is available to everyone interested. Access to the professional and scientific data contained in the records of the Institute is enabled at the Institute`s library.

Library resources - Terms of use

СAll library materials are fully accessible to everyone interested. The use is free of charge, provided that all library materials may only be used at the library.
In order to use the documentation, it is necessary to fill in the access request form and submit it to the librarian. The form is downloadable on the website of the Institute. The form may also be sent by e-mail. Working hours of the library is from 8:30 to14:30 hours. 
To use the library documentation, one should notify the visit in advance, or send a request to the librarian: 
Vladimir Smiljanić +381 11 209 3812


Library access request form

Please fill in the form in order to use the library resources.