Red Data Book of Serbian Butterflies

In 2003, the Institute published the second Red Book - Red Data Book of Serbian Butterflies - Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea, the author of which was Predrag Jakšić, who accepted the international IUCN classification of threatened categories, on the basis of which from the 192 species of prime butterflies of Serbia in this book he selected and analyzed 57 species of prime butterflies representing 34% of the butterfly fauna of Serbia. Among these species, one has the status of extinct species, 22 are endangered, 24 are vulnerable, 7 are rare and 3 are not endangered. In addition to the extinct Leptidea morsei, the most endangered are Alpine Hisperida, Papilio machaon, Euchloe aussonia, Erebia manto, Erebia alberganus, Parnassius apollo, Colias myrmidone, Apatura ilia, Apatura iris, Melitaea diamina and Brenthis ino.

Author: Predrag Jakšić
Published in 2003
Publication format: 30 cm, 198 pages