Red Book of Fauna of Serbia II – Reptiles

In 2015, another Red book about vertebrate fauna was published, namely the Red Book of Fauna of Serbia II – Reptiles. This Red book presents the status of 16 species of turtles, lizards and snakes (3 species of turtles - Emys orbicularis, Testudo graeca and Testudo hermanni, 7 species of lizards - Mediodactylus kotschyi, Ablepharus kitaibelii, Algyroides nigropunctatus, Darevskia praticola, Podarcis erhardii, Podarcis tauricus, Zootoca vivipara and 6 species of snakes - Dolichophis caspius, Elaphe quatuorlineata, Platyceps najadum, Vipera ammodytes, Vipera berus and Vipera ursinii), which represents about 75% of all 24 registered species of reptiles in Serbia. The structure of the publication is the same as for the Red Book of Amphibians, and 11 authors and 3 editors also took part in its development. The book synthesizes comprehensive information, from the general characteristics of reptiles in Serbia and their diversity in Serbia and the Balkans, through descriptions of the biology and ecology of individual species selected by threat criteria, to the degree of threat to habitats, threat factors and protection measures.

Editors: Ljiljana Tomović, Miloš Kalezić, Georg Džukić
Authors: Rastko Ajtić, Sonja Đorđević, Georg Džukić, Danko Jović, Miloš Kalezić, Imre Krizmanić, Nenad Labus, Dmitar Lakušić, Katarina Ljubisavljević, Ljiljana Tomović, Aleksandar Urošević
Co-publisher: Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
Published in 2015
Publication format 29 cm, 265 pages, written in Serbian and English