Red Data Book of Fauna of Serbia IV- ORTHOPTERA

At the end of 2018, the Red Data Book of Fauna of Serbia IV - Orthoptera was published, the authors of which were Dragan Pavićević, Ivo Karaman and Mladen Horvatović. This Red book, as other published Red books, describes the importance of Red books and IUCN threat categories and criteria, provides an overview of general characteristics and diversity of Balkan Peninsula orthopterans, the history of research on orthopterans in Serbia, their habitats, threat factors and protection measure. It also provides a survey of 45 endangered orthoptera taxa in the fauna of Serbia, including one of the regionally extinct species Bradyporus (Callimenus) macrogaster longicollis, 4 critically endangered (such as the Pancic's grasshopper), 3 endangered and 27 vulnerable species and 10 species with the status of near threatened. The aim of the monograph was to indicate the necessity of a comprehensive protection of the most endangered species of orthoptera in our country. As these insects often have limited distribution and are closely related to a particular habitat type, their protection is only possible with the permanent protection of their habitats.

Editor: Prof. Milica Pavkov Hrvojević
Authors: Dragan Pavićević, Ivo Karaman, Mladen Horvatović
Co-publisher: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Novi Sad, Department of Biology and Ecology
Published in 2018
Publication format 29 cm, 246 pages, written in Serbian and English