Red Book of Fauna of Serbia III – BIRDS

The Red Book of Fauna of Serbia III - Birds of 2018 is the result of joint work of 36 authors and 7 editors who had the task of collecting, analyzing, interpreting and drafting into reports on the extinction risk almost unimaginable amount of data and knowledge summarized about birds of Serbia, which for almost three centuries were collected by naturalists and scientists from different professions. This monograph provides information on the importance of Red books and the historical survey of research on bird in Serbia, their general characteristics, threat and diversity, sources and structure of data for the assessment of extinction risk, as well as the assessment of threat to birds in Serbia, their habitats, threat factors and protection measures. It also provides an overview of endangered breeding and non-breeding populations according to a database containing more than 312 000 findings collected by the authors themselves and numerous bird experts. This publication refers to 352 taxa reliably recorded in Serbia by 2016, with the estimated risk of extinction to both breeding populations of 255 species and non-breeding populations of all species. Within the group of breeding populations, 14 species were identified as regionally extinct taxa, 15 species were critically endangered, 22 endangered and 22 vulnerable species. Within the group of non-breeding populations, one species was identified as regionally extinct taxon, 4 were critically endangered, 14 threatened and 17 vulnerable species. The main purpose of the Red Book of Birds of Serbia was to create a reliable instrument that would present a scientific and professional basis for the protection and conservation of our country's wild birds.

Editors: Dimitrije Radišić, Voislav Vasić, Slobodan Puzović, Milan Ružić, Marko Šćiban, Bratislav Grubač, Ante Vujić
Authors: Dimitrije Radišić, Slobodan Puzović, Voislav Vasić, Marko Šćiban, Milan Ružić, Bratislav Grubač, Ante Vujić, Saša Rajkov, Radislav Mirić, Draženko Rajković, Miloš Radaković, Marko Tucakov, Uroš Pantović, Oto Sekereš, Atila Agošton, Deliborka Stanković, Goran Sekulić, Ivan Đorđević, Marko Raković, Nikola Stojnić, Jožef Gergelj, Nikola Matović, Nikola Stanojević, Milivoj Vučanović, Dejan Đapić, Ištvan Balog, David Grabovac, Ivan Medenica, Brano Rudić, Dragan Simić, Stefan Skorić, Dragan Gačić, Milica Radanović, Sandra Jovanović, Miroslav Vračarić, Ana Vuletić
Co-publishers: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Novi Sad, Department of Biology and Ecology; Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia Published in 2018
Publication format 28 cm, 552 pages, written in Serbian and English