Red Book of Fauna of Serbia I: Amphibians

In 2015, twelve years since the release of the Red Book of Prime Butterflies, the first two Red books of vertebrate fauna were published. The first was the Red Book of Fauna I - Amphibians, which was a result of multi-decade fieldwork and three years of desk work by a team of Serbian batrachologists. 11 authors took part in the drafting of this publication, and the editors were Miloš Kalezić, Ljiljana Tomović and Georg Džukić. The book assesses the status of 10 species of amphibians (five species of tailed amphibians – Salamandra atra, Ichthyosaura alpestris, Triturus cristatus, Triturus dobrogicus and Triturus ivanbureschi, and five species of tailless amphibians – Pelobates fuscus, Pelobates syriacus, Rana lessonae, Rana graeca and Rana temporaria), which represent 47% of the amphibian fauna in Serbia compared to the 21 species recorded. It also contains detailed information on the significance of Red books, the general characteristics and diversity of amphibians of the Balkan Peninsula and Serbia, and presents the principles of work and data structure used for the Red Book, along with amphibian habitats, threat assessments, threat factors and protection measures.

Editors: Miloš Kalezić, Ljiljana Tomović, Georg Džukić
Authors: Rastko Ajtić, Georg Džukić, Danko Jović, Miloš Kalezić, Imre Krizmanić, Nenad Labus, Dmitar Lakušić, Katarina Ljubisavljević, Ljiljana Tomović, Aleksandar Urošević, Tanja Vukov
Published in 2015
Co-publisher: Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
Publication format 29 cm, 207 pages, written in Serbian and English