Red Book of Flora of Serbia

The first Red Data Book in Serbia was the Red Book of Flora of Serbia 1 - Extinct and Critically Endangered Taxa. It was published in 1999 as the result of multi-annual work and experience of 30 botanists from Serbia. This monograph refers to plant species that are on the verge of extinction in our country. It also provides information on the status of 171 endangered plant taxa (species and subspecies), which makes up about 5% of the total flora of Serbia, the status of their populations, sites of occurrence, significance of taxa, causes of their extinction and endangered status, as well as proposed protection measures. In relation to the total number of extinct and endangered taxa, 4 taxa were irretrievably lost from the world gene pool, as they represented endemic species, the native range of which was only in the territory of Serbia (Althaea kragujevacensis Pančić, Althaea vranjensis, Scabiosa achaeta Vis. & Pančić and Trapa annosa Janković), while 46 taxa no longer exist in Serbia, but can still be found in neighboring countries or in ex situ conditions such as botanical gardens. 121 species are critically endangered and likely to extinct from our territories or from the world in the near future if they are not given due attention in terms of protecting, conserving and improving their populations in nature.

Editor: Vladimir Stevanović
Publishers: Ministry for the Protection of Natural Resources and the Environment, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade
Published in 1999
Publication format 28 cm, 566 pages