The Red Books

The Red Books represent a scientific database of species at risk of extinction. The aim of Red Books is to highlight the need to conserve endangered species through expert arguments and data collected using scientific methods, to indicate the deficiencies in the existing conservation system and to propose solutions that could improve the situation or at least slow down negative processes. Six Red books have been published so far in Serbia, the first 20 years ago was about plants, the following about Serbian fauna, precisely prime butterflies, then amphibians, reptiles, birds and finally orthoptera.
Crvena knjiga flore Srbije
Crvena knjiga dnevnih leptira Srbije
Crvena knjiga faune Srbije Vodozemci
Crvena knjiga faune Srbije Gmizavci
Crvena knjiga faune Srbije Ptice
Crvena knjiga faune Srbije Pravokrilci