Mr Danko Jović

Head of the Institute’s office in Niš

Mr Jović was born in 1963.

He graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Novi Sad, the Department of Biology and Ecology, where he completed his postgraduate studies on Taxonomy. During his studies, he volunteered at the Faculty, the Department of Plant Ecology – the three-semester course Anatomy and morphology of plants for farmers.

In the period 1992 - 93 he worked as a biology teacher in two high schools in Bela Crkva. From 1994 to1998 he worked in a several elementary schools in Niš and in December 1998 Mr Jović started working at the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia in Niš, as a herpetologist.

Working at the Institute, he participated in the drafting of a number of studies on protection as a professional - documentation basis for the protection of certain areas (He coordinated the drafting of studies on protection of the special nature reserves "Suva planina" and "Rtanj" and nature monuments "Lalinačka slatina".). He also participated in the activities on biodiversity conservation and performed other tasks concerning nature conservation. He worked on several international projects of the Institute: "Improvement of the management and control of hydro- resources and environmental resources of the city of Niš", which was implemented with the support of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the organization Cooperazione Italiana - COOPI, "Development of the Emerald Network in the Republic of Serbia" and IPA project "Constructing of Recreation park, Tourist Information Center, renovation of an existing eco-trail route, an information infrastructure that will serve the needs of the Tourist Information Centre".

In the period 2004- 2008 he worked on informing about and promoting the Institute’s work on nature conservation in Niš. He has constantly been contributing to the conservation of species and ecosystem diversity in Serbia, and also in amending of the legislation in this field.

Mr Jović is the author of 10 scientific papers, two professional articles and a co-author of a number of elaborated studies, studies and monographs published by the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia.


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