Aleksandar Dragišić

Director of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia
Mr Dragišić was born in 1972.

He graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the Megatrend University in Belgrade, Department of Economics - International Business, and Department of Computer Engineering. He attended postgraduate specialization in e-business at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade University, and completed post-graduate specialization on the "Implementation of information systems in public and private institutions and companies in developing countries", at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". After a two-year Master international, multi-disciplinary studies at the University of Bologna he became "Master of Arts as Area Expert" – the relations of the Western countries and Eastern Europe in economic, political, anthropological and social aspects.

During postgraduate studies he was involved in the research and scientific work in Russia, where he worked as an associate for foreign investments of the Russian company "MTI - ITM OOO", Moscow.

After that he was a manager of the Italian company in the Russian market within the group "Six Team". As a marketing and sales manager of application software of the company "Siemens Business Service - Ibis Sys", Mr Dragišić had the opportunity to apply his knowledge of the market management and the importance of implementation of information technologies in the market development.

Mr Dragišić was also a member of a special project team for the implementation of IT solutions in the sector development, as an advisor for foreign direct investments, to the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of the Republic of Serbia.

His knowledge and experience in managing was also applied at the position of the Director for Finances and Advisor for financial investments and investments in the company "Koling AD".

As an independent expert on foreign direct investments and financial investments, within the Energy Council, he contributed to the creation of a strategy to improve the frameworks important for the development of the Energy sector, from the aspect of sustainable use of resources and renewable resources.

Mr Dragišić was a lecturer in economics and regional development at the College of Applied Sciences and Law in Banja Luka, and at the Business College in Čačak. As an associate of IT magazine "Internet ogledalo", Mr Dragišić is the author of numerous articles on the application of information technologies in management and e-business, and as an associate of the "Instituto per L' Europa Centro Orientale e Balcanica" in Italy, he is the author of papers on geopolitics and geo-economics.

Mr Dragišić is fluent in English, Russian and Italian.


Dr Ivana Ribara 91
11070 Belgrade
Tel: +381 11 2093 803