Institute’s permanent exhibition "Nature conservation in Serbia"

By moving to the new headquarters of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia in New Belgrade in 2004, it has been enabled to arrange an exhibition setting that would be available to all interested citizens for the purpose of better understanding the values and characteristics of our country’s nature and the activities that are being implemented in the field of protection and conservation of our natural heritage.

By visiting the permanent exhibition "Nature conservation in Serbia", you may learn about the following:
• types of ecosystems characteristic for nature in Serbia, which are here presented by models of ecosystems of ponds, meadows, broad-leaved forests, coniferous forests and the ecosystems of cliffs;
• types of protected areas in Serbia and the fundamental values of national parks Tara, Fruška Gora, Kopaonik, Đerdap and Šar planina;
• activities on geodiversity conservation, on the example of rock minerals and paleontological findings;
• the vulnerability of flora and fauna on the example of exhibited samples, such as herbarium specimen of the species found in the Red Book of Flora of Serbia, as well as on the example of preserved bodies of some species of birds and mammals;
• plants and animals that are being protected through the control of their collecting from nature and trade therein (medicinal plants and forest fruits);
• samples of some forbidden tools used in fishing;
• the Institute's publications on the nature of our country and its conservation.

Annually, the Institute is visited by hundreds of primary and secondary school children from Serbia, most of them from Belgrade, while in the last two years the pre-schools have shown an interest in organized visits to the Institute.