The office in Niš

The office in Niš is an organizational unit of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, located in the very center of the city of Niš, in the house of former merchant and benefactor Đoka Jovanović. The office was established in 1998 with the aim of implementing the measures of direct protection of the exceptional geological, biological and landscape diversity in the wider area of ​​southeastern Serbia, according to which this part of Serbia is distinguishable from other regions. There is quite a lot of protected areas on the territory of the city of Niš, such as Special Nature Reserves Suva planina and Jelašnička klisura (Jelašnica gorge), the Monuments of Nature Cerjanska cave, Lalinačka slatina (saltmarshes) and Dud u Niškoj Banji (Mulberry tree in Niška Banja), as well as Nature Park Sićevačka klisura (Sićevo gorge). In the wider area of ​​southeastern Serbia there are Nature Parks Stara planina and Radan, National Park Kopaonik, the Monument of Nature Prekonoška cave, Special Nature Reserves Rtanj and Jerma, Landscapes of exceptional quality Vlasina and Lepterija-Sokograd, as well as a Landscape of exceptional natural beauty Ozrenske livade. The listed protected natural areas represent only a part of about 33% of the total protected territory in Serbia.

Currently at the office in Niš there are 11 employees who are engaged in a team work with the colleagues from Belgrade Headquarters, the managers of protected areas, expert and scientific institutions and all nature lovers, conducting a variety of activities on the conservation of nature and natural values of the Republic of Serbia.