Prirodne i kulturne vrednosti specijalnog rezervata prirode Jerma/Natural and Cultural Values of Special Nature Reserve Jerma

Author: Dragan Taškov
Published in 2013 Co-publisher: The Society for environmental protection of Stara planina Publication format 18x25 cm, 96 pages, written in Serbian and English

The monograph "Natural and Cultural Values of SNR Jerma" provides a comprehensive overview of natural and cultural heritage of this Reserve, indicating to the future visitors of eco-trail what they can see and visit during their stay in the Jerma river canyon. In addition to the natural aspects of Jerma river gorge, the publication also presents its cultural and historical heritage. Special chapters describe the following topics: "Eco tourism and eco-trails as a concept of sustainable development" and "Behavior of visitors on the eco-trail", which makes it a kind of guide to the sustainable development of SNR "Jerma".

Ptice Đerdapa/ The Birds of Đerdap

Authors: Bratislav Grubač, Zoran Milovanović, Milanko Šekler
Co-publishers: PE National Park "Đerdap", Veterinary Specialist Institute "Kraljevo" Published in 2013 Publication format 30 cm, 257 pages, written in Serbian and English

Birds, one of the most sophisticated groups of living beings on Earth, have always attracted attention, provoked curiosity and aroused the imagination of man. The book "The Birds of Đerdap" is a result of the project "Survey of the status and protection of priority species of birds at the area of the National Park Djerdap", which was realized in the period 2010-2011. On that occasion, data were collected for 174 bird species out of a total of 270 registered for the Đerdap area. With this book we wanted to present the birds of Đerdap and its surrounding area in the scientifically popular way, with a special emphasis on rare and endangered species.

Slepi miševi Đerdapa/ The Bats of Đerdap

Authors: Bratislav Grubač, Zoran Milovanović
Published in 2012 Publication format 30 cm,113 pages, written in Serbian and English Co-publishers: PE National Park "Đerdap", Veterinary Specialist Institute "Kraljevo"

The idea to write the book "The Bats of Đerdap" emerged from the work on the project "Survey of the condition and protection of bats in speleological sites at the area of the National Park Đerdap" in 2010-2011. The aim of this book is to draw attention to the status and significance of the bats protection at the Đerdap area, and to contribute to the general affirmation of these mysterious and useful animals in Serbia.

Biodiverzitet Srbije: Stanje i perspektive/Biodiversity of Serbia: Current state and perspectives

Authors: Aleksandar Mijović, Nenad Sekulić, Slaviša Popović, Nenad Stavretović, Ivica Radović
Published in 2012 Publication format 21x21 cm,128 pages

This publication presents the most current data on biodiversity in Serbia and their comparison with European data, as well as the results of initiatives, projects and activities in the field of nature conservation in the period from 2009 to 2012. In addition to this updated data, the additional value of this publication is its methodology of biodiversity presentation as a complex concept, which, besides the natural one, has a social, economic, legal and political dimension. It also contains a thorough register of protected natural areas in Serbia, a list of biodiversity protection projects, an overview of international agreements in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation, selected legislation and other important information for a comprehensive study of biodiversity and nature conservation.

Price: 600,00 RSD

Posebni primerci drvenastih vrsta Nacionalnog parka Tara/ The Particular Specimen of Woody Species of Tara National Park

Authors: Dragica Vilotić, Nenad Stavretović, Mihailo Stanić
Published in 2011 Publication format 23 cm, 78 pages

In order to emphasize the importance of natural values of the National Park and the entire Tara mountain, the authors of this publication have provided an overview of all forest communities of Tara Mt. In addition to the general importance of woody species, the publication also presents natural assets that are distinguished for their specific traits (rarity, size, habitat, the impressive size, etc.) and therefore deserve special treatment. The additional value of the publication is that it emphasizes the need to educate local population as well as visitors to the Park in order to recognize these characteristics and natural assets and be aware of the importance of their conservation.

Price: 315,00 RSD

Emerald ekološka mreža u Srbiji/ EMERALD Ecological Network in Serbia

Editor: Nenad Sekulić
Authors: Nenad Sekulić and Jasmina Šinžar-Sekulić Co-publisher: Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning Published in 2010 Publication format 21x23 cm, 100 pages, written in Serbian and English

Emerald network is a European ecological network for the conservation of wild flora and fauna and their natural habitats. Emerald network in Serbia is presented by 61 area, habitats and their populations of species that the Bern Convention defines as species and habitats of priority for protection at the European level. The network consists of areas of special interest for conservation on the territory of all signatories to the Convention.

Međunarodno značajna područja za ptice u Srbiji/Internationally Important Bird Areas in Serbia- IBA

Authors: Slobodan Puzović, Goran Sekulić, Nikola Stojnić, Bratislav Grubač, Marko Tucakov
Co-publishers: Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, The Secretariat of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development of the Vojvodina Province Published in 2009 Publication format 30 cm, 280 pages

This study of areas in Serbia that are significant for birds can be useful in our endavours to find a solution to an important issue - the protection of dispersively migrating bird species, whose sensitive parts of the life cycle are not only related to the sites of dense concentration of their populations. For their preservation, a whole range of different ecological complexes is needed. Significant habitats for birds in Serbia are presented through the overview of 45 areas, which displays their basic characteristics, description, ecological conditions and habitats, protection and significance, bird fauna, use, vulnerability, protection measures and improvement of their current state.

Price: 600,00 RSD

Zaštićena prirodna dobra Beograda /Protected Natural Areas in Belgrade

Group of authors
Editor: Hranislav Milanović Co-publisher: Belgrade City Government, Secretariat for Environment Published in 2008 Publication format 30 cm,120 pages

Natural values of Belgrade, together with the created ones, form the Belgrade landscape, which is our heritage. Natural values with specific features attract the attention as prominent examples of geological, biological and landscape diversity. The objective of protecting natural areas is to make them perform as long as possible their natural, historical, educational, cultural, health related, aesthetic and ecological service. This is precisely the reason for writing this publication, which is of professional, educational and archival character, since it presents an overview of protected natural areas in a temporal cross-sectional presentation of the Belgrade landscape.

Advances in the Studies of the Fauna of the Balkan Peninsula

Group of Authors
Editors: Dragan Pavićević, Michel Perreau Published in 2008 Publication format 24 cm, 546 pages, written in English

In deciding to publish a set of scientific papers for the commemoration of the death of Guido Nonveiller, we faced the problem of choosing which topics to select from among all those which he addressed throughout his lifetime. We finally decided to focus on the fauna of the Balkan Peninsula. This book is divided into five main parts. The first one is devoted to the life and scientific achievements of Guido Nonveiller. The second part contains contributions concerning physical geography and part three and four deal respectively with the subterranean and epigean fauna. The final part provides a report of the expeditions.

Price: 500,00 RSD

Sićevo and Jelašnica Gorges, The environment status monitoring

Group of Authors
Editors: Slaviša Trajković, Saša Branković Published in 2007 Co-publisher: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Niš Publication format 30cm, 193 pages, written in English

The Sićevo and Jelašnica gorge are the protected natural reserves, put under protection by the Serbian Government acts. The monograph brings together the extensive long lasting research of numerous top experts. We honestly believe that the publication of this monograph will assist the national and international public to recognize and appreciate the importance of the environment in the Sićevo and Jelašnica gorges.

Turizam u zaštićenim prirodnim dobrima Srbije/ Tourism in Protected Nature Areas of Serbia

Author: Stevan Nikolić
Published in 2006 Publication format 24 cm, 227 pages

Sustainable nature conservation also implies the planning of its functional use for certain purposes to the established ecological capacity of the environment. The essential part of ecotourism consists of protected nature areas, as an intense motivation for tourists, which are scattered on the territory of Serbia.

Naučni skup o geonasleđu Srbije/ The scientific meeting on geoheritage of Serbia

Group of authors
Editor: Dušan Mijović Published in 2005 Publication format 30 cm, 241 pages, written in Serbian and English

It is a mosaic-like representation of geo-science and geoheritage sites which are the overall geodiversity of Serbia, as well as the Inventory of geoheritage sites of Serbia with the display of 650 sites evaluated according to the ProGEO methodology.

Price: 700,00 RSD

Stari parkovi Banata/Old Parks of Banat

Author: Jasna Korać
Co-publisher: "Daganić" Published in 2004 Publication format 30 cm, 164 pages

The monograph provides a description of twelve parks, their property related and legal transformation through history, at the same time highlighting the parks’ styles, garden-architectural elements, biological content and layout, all in a systematized manner.

Crvena knjiga dnevnih leptira Srbije/The Red Book of Prime Butterflies of Serbia

Author: Predrag Jakšić
Published in 2003 Publication format: 30 cm, 198 pages

This book deals with the ecological structure of endangered species populations, with special accent on the natality related problems of local populations of butterflies. The author accepted the international IUCN classification of endangerment, on the basis of which he selected and included in the Red Book 57 species out of 192 species of prime butterflies in Serbia.

Price: 995,00 RSD