The National Park is an area with many diverse natural ecosystems of national importance, prominent landscape features and cultural heritage in which man lives in harmony with nature. The area of national park is intended for the preservation of existing natural values and resources, overall landscape, geological and biological diversity, as well as to meet the scientific, educational, spiritual, aesthetic, cultural, tourist, health and recreational needs and other activities in accordance with the principles of nature conservation and sustainable development.

Activities that do not endanger the authenticity of nature are allowed in the national park, as well as activities that are in the function of education, health, recreational and tourist needs, and the continuation of traditional way of life of local communities, in a way that does not endanger the survival of species, natural ecosystems and landscapes.

The forests in the national park are managed by the legal entity managing the national park.

Measures for the protection of the national park and the manner of its use are determined more closely by the Law on National Parks (Official Gazette of RS, No. 84/2015 and 95/2018 - another law).
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