The Unified Electronic Building Permitting Procedures Register

In accordance with the Law on Planning and Construction ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 72/09, 81/09 - correction, 64/10 - the Constitutional Court, 24/11, 121/12, 42/13 - the Constitutional Court, 50/13 - the Constitutional Court, 98/13 - the Constitutional Court, 132/14, 145/14, 83/18, 31/19), the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, as an institution belonging to holders of public authority and to which this Act applies insofar as it is not in violation of the Law on Nature Conservation, starting on January 1st , 2016, issues Decisions on the conditions and requirements pertaining to nature conservation within the Unified Electronic Building Permitting Procedures Register.

The manner, subject matter and procedure of submitting a request is regulated by the Rulebook on the procedure for conducting the unified procedure electronically electronically ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 113/15, 96/16, 120/17)..