Zaštićena prirodna dobra Srbije, karta 1: 300.000 / Map of protected natural areas in Serbia, 1: 300.000

Editor : Predrag Lazarević
Authors of the map: Živko Vukasović, Dragan Kaličanin, Slađana Škobić, Ajša Škrijelj

Eko-bukvar „Nacionalni park Đerdap“/Eco-children’s Book of the National Park Đerdap

Author: Branka Nastasijević
Published in 2011 Co-publisher: PE "NP Đerdap" Publication format 23x23 cm, 46 pages

Eco-children’s Book of the National Park Đerdap explains in an authentic and creative way the concepts in the field of environmental protection, and at the same time it gives messages and recommendations on how to act responsibly and participate in the environmental protection. The author used rhymes and verses, from letters A to Š, to motivate readers’ active role of the guardian of nature. At the same time, the reader of the Eco-children’s Book can learn about basic values of the National Park "Đerdap".

Kako naseliti ptice/The Ways to Inhabit Birds

Published in 2008
Author: Boris Garovnikov Publication format 21 cm, 127 pages

This book is a kind of manual that provides answers to questions about what and how each of us can do as an individual in order to influence the rise in the number of birds in gardens, orchards, tree alleys, parks, picnic areas and wherever there is greenery.

Nacionalni parkovi Srbije/National Parks of Serbia

Author: Lidija Amidžić
Co-publisher: National parks of Serbia Published in 2006 Publication format 15x21cm, 56 pages, written in Serbian and English

This publication, in a popular way and with the rich photographic material, presents the physical-geographical, biological and cultural-historical features and the most important sites (reserves) of national parks in Serbia (Fruška Gora, Đerdap, Kopaonik, Tara and Šar planina).

Park prirode Stara planina

Park prirode Stara planina/Nature Park Stara planina

Author: Dušan Mijović
Co-publisher: PE "Srbijašume" Published in 2006 Publication format 23x22cm, 42+24 pages, written in Serbian and English

The publication is based on the Study of the Protection of Nature Park "Stara planina". In addition to the presentation of fundamental natural values of the area (geodiversity, water, flora, vegetation, forests and fauna) and cultural and historical values, it provides the concept of this nature area protection, management model, the importance of local communities and the capacity of area for entering the UNESCO program "Man and Biosphere".

I reke ubijaju, zar ne? / Rivers are dying, don’t they?

Editor: Radoje Laušević
Co-publisher: The Ecological Society of Serbia Published in 2000 Publication format 24 cm, 78 pages

The book is devoted to a drastic case of killing Tisa river, a large international river, by cyanide and heavy metals in 2000. It was precisely the seriousness of the situation during the ecological accident that has shown the shortcomings of the insufficient cooperation between the representatives of government and state authorities and institutions on one side, and the public and non-governmental organizations on the other. We hope that this book will contribute to a better cooperation of all segments of the society on the issues of environmental protection. The book also includes a small dictionary of professional terminology.

Biodiverzitet i novi milenijum/Biodiversity and the New Millennium

Group of authors
Editor: Dmitar Lakušić Co-publisher: The Ecological Society of Serbia
Published in 2001
Publication format 25 cm, 169 pages

The book "Biodiversity and the New Millennium" is the final result of the seminar for the professional development of primary and secondary school teachers of biology. Although primarily intended for biology teachers, we believe that its content can benefit all those who are interested in the issues of protecting the endangered plant and animal species, and nature in general.

Četiri obale - živi svet i prirodna baština sliva Dunava u Jugoslaviji/Four River Banks - life forms and the natural heritage of the Danube basin in Yugoslavia

Editor: Radoje Laušević
Co-publisher: The Ecological Society of Serbia Published in 1999 Publication format: 24 cm, 106 pages

The Sava and the Danube, as two major international rivers, represent a unique network of ecosystems on whose protection and rational use largely rests the future of the people living on their four banks. Hence the title of this publication, which presents the Danube and Sava, their life forms, the shores and protected wetland habitats in the riparian area, and to a lesser extent the people who inhabit these river banks.

Biljke koje nestaju - ex situ zaštita međunarodno značajnih biljaka Jugoslavije/ The Plants Near Extinction - Ex situ protection of internationally important plants of Yugoslavia

Editor: Dmitar Lakušić
Co-publisher: The Ecological Society of Serbia Published in 1999 Publication format 24 cm, 86 pages

This book was created as part of the project of the Ecological Society of Serbia, in which we tried to popularize the ex-situ model of protection of endangered species on the example of several endangered species that had been removed from their natural habitat and planted at the Botanical Garden "Jevremovac", where they continued to grow and reproduce. This book is intended for pupils of elementary and secondary schools as additional biological literature, as well as to teachers and members of biological and ecological school sections.