Prime Butterfly Areas – PBA

Prime Butterfly Areas PBAs is a European project aimed at selecting the most important areas with an emphasis on the target butterfly species of priority for protection. The basis for the selection of 38 target species of butterflies in Serbia is the EU Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC and Annexes II and IV respectively, which define species requiring special protection measures in the European Union, as well as their limited distribution in the Balkan Peninsula, international and national status of species, etc. The aim of selecting prime butterfly areas in Serbia is to join the network of protected areas, however these areas also represent one of the criteria for establishing ecologically important areas and ecological corridors of the ecological network of Serbia for the purpose of conservation of both individual species of butterflies and the improvement of biodiversity of the Republic of Serbia in general

According to certain criteria, of which the characteristics of the butterfly fauna and the presence of target species are particularly distinguished, the following 40 areas have been selected for butterflies in Serbia, which are based on 38 target species:

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Prime butterfly areas in Serbia cover 903.643 ha, or 10.23% of the territory of Serbia.

Jakšić, P. (ed.) (2008): Prime Butterfly Areas in Serbia, HabiProt, Belgrade

PBA areas in the Republic of Serbia

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