„Istraživanje divljeg sveta Mongolije“, naučno-dokumentarni film/ “Exploring Wildlife of Mongolia”, a scientific documentary

Author: Bratislav Grubač
Published in 2013

This documentary was created during the stay of its author, ornithologist Bratislav Grubač in Mongolia during his participation in the international scientific and research project on the protection of steppe falcon and other endangered species of birds of prey. The shooting of the documentary was in May and June 2007 and it contains unique and exciting scenes of wild nature that present the beauty of this far country and the life and customs of its inhabitants. This documentary is a testimony that nature unites the world.

Price: 250,00 RSD

„Ptica i čovek“, naučno-dokumentarni film/”A bird and a man”, a scientific documentary

Written and directed by : Siniša Aleksić
Expert consultants: Bratislav Grubač, Gabor Mesaroš, Bogdan Šojić
Production: Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia
Duration: 30 minutes
Published in 2010

This documentary is as a result of monitoring activities of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia on rescuing the endangered species of birds of prey. These worthy masters of the sky sometimes find themselves in situations where they need human help and care.

„Čudna šuma Šalinački lug“/ “Miraculous Forest Šalinački lug”

Author of the text: Ljuba Ninković
Directed by: Živojin Čelić
Production: Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, VESTA group, EKO studio, Belgrade
Duration: 20 minutes
Published in 2007

This documentary presents natural and ecological values, the protection and conservation issues, as well as proposals for measures to revitalize “Šalinački lug”. This monument of nature extends over an area of 19 ha and preserves 222 large trees of common oak, about 200 years old, that remind us of the once widespread, dense and floristicaly rich woods of oak and ash.

„Park prirode Stara planina“, naučno-dokumentarni film/”Nature Park Stara planina”, a scientific documentary

Authors: Bojan Zlatković, Siniša Aleksić, Lidija Amidžić
Directed by: Siniša Aleksić
Duration: 52 minutes
Published in 2006

This documentary includes six separate film stories about the beauty and natural values of Stara planina mountain, presenting the folowing reserves within the Park: Arbinje, Babin zub, Granica, Midžor, Rosulja and Zelena jova. The documentary has recorded and expertly processed natural rarities and endemic species that are the greatest natural treasure of this mountain.

Price: 250,00 RSD

„Moj prijatelj štiglić“, naučno-dokumentarni film / “My Friend, the Goldfinch”, a scientific documentary

Authors and Directors: Oliver Fojkar, Dušan Čekić
Published in 2005

This short documentary is the winner of the prestigious award at the eighth Toyama International Film Festival “Wildlife” in Japan for the best film about nature, which is intended for children.

In addition to the touching story of a boy and his “feathered friend”, ther goldfinch, this film was made in the protected and internationally recognized swamp areas of Ludaš lake, Slano Kopovo and Stari Begej, thus abounding in the beautiful scenes of nature in Vojvodina.

„Orao Krstaš“, naučno-dokumentarni film/”Golden eagle”, a scientific documentary

Authors: Bratislav Grubač, Siniša Aleksić
Production: NP Fruška gora, VFC “Zastava”, Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia
Duration: 42 minutes
Published in 2004

This documentary presents the life and problematic issues of the golden eagle’s survival. Authentic scenes show the raising of young from their third week to the first flight, their hunting and other situations. The issues of protecting this species in Serbia are emphasized in this documentary.

Price: 250,00 RSD

„Prirodna baština Kosova i Metohije, Šar-planina i Prokletije“/ “Natural Heritage of Kosovo and Metohija, Šar Mt. and Prokletije”
Author: Lidija Amidžić
Published in 2004

„Zaštićena prirodna dobra duž Dunava u Srbiji“/ “Protected Natural Areas along Danube in Serbia”
Autors: B. Panjković, V. Stojšić, J. Delić, B. Kovačević, N. Stojnić, Lj. Budakov, D. Branković, V.
Habijan-Mikeš, N. Sekulić, S. Marinčić, J. Korać, N. Pil
Published in 2004


„Zaštićena okolina Fruškogorskih manastira“/ “Protected Surroundings of the Monasteries on Fruška Gora Mt.”
Author: Nadežda Đaković-Petrović
Published in 2003