The field of nature conservation is regulated by the Law on Nature Conservation and other legal acts and by-laws that directly or indirectly pertain to nature and natural resources. In addition to the adoption and application of the Law on Nature Conservation ("Official Gazette of RS", no. 36/2009, 88/2010, 91/2010-correction, 14/2016 and 95/2018-another law), which regulates the protection and conservation of nature, biological, geological and landscape diversity, and is of great importance, a number of by-laws are also important for the normative regulation of this field. Within the ongoing process of harmonizing the legal regulations in the field of environmental protection and nature conservation with the regulations of the European Union, the European and global standards are taken into account and applied in this field. Furthermore, the implementation of provisions and principles of the international conventions to which our country is a signatory, also contributes to the advancement and harmonization in the field of nature conservation in Serbia.

Laws pertaining to nature conservation: